The Old Woman is a minor antagonist in Shrek and the former owner of Donkey.


Shrek (2001) ​​​​​​

As punishment for being so talkative, the Old Woman decides to give Donkey away to Lord Farquaad. When the Old Woman explains that Donkey talks, the Captain of the Duloc Guards offers 10 shillings for him, if she can prove so. Not wanting to be sent away, Donkey refuses to speak, causing the Captain to order her to be arrested instead. While being dragged away by the guards, she accidentally kicks Tinkerbell's cage, which hits Donkey, granting him the ability to fly. Donkey accidentally speaks and tries to fly away, but the magic wears off and he drops into the ground. The Captain orders his men to seize Donkey, but fails when he runs into Shrek and gets frightened by the ogre. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards (as Donkey never mentions anything about her to anyone), but it is assumed that the guards let her go after finding out she is right that Donkey can talk, but is forced to leave empty-handed.


  • Her voice actress, Kathleen Freeman, had her last film role as this character. She died in August 23, 2001, three months after the release of Shrek.
  • She was originally going to be a witch that cast a spell on Donkey, which gave him the ability to talk. The idea was scrapped and the Old Woman was created instead.
  • She founded into November 3, 2001, behind film from Shrek.