The Old Woman is the original owner of Donkey. She makes her only appearance in the first Shrek film where she wants to give Donkey to Lord Farquaad's knights for being such a blabbermouth.

When asked to prove if he could really talk, she fails, losing a chance to receive 10 shillings. The Old Woman is also responsible for kicking Tinkerbell's cage and making Donkey "fly". She is then arrested by Farquaad's guards, never to be seen or mentioned again.


  • Her voice actress, Kathleen Freeman, had her last film role as this character. She died in August 23, 2001, three months after the release of Shrek.
  • She was originally going to be a witch that cast a spell on Donkey, which gave him the ability to talk. The idea was scrapped and the Old Woman was created instead.
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