The Three Blind Mice are identical white mice brothers that are blind and can't see anything throughout the entire course of the films. They are based on the nursery rhyme characters of the same name.



The mice were banished into Shrek's swamp by Lord Farquaad. Shrek notices the Three Blind Mice first, walking over the table,they mistake shrek's ear for cheese and a slug for a bed. They show up at Shrek and Fiona's wedding where they are turned into two horses and a carriage rider by a fairy Godmother (although oddly enough, they reappeared again shortly after as their original selves).

Shrek 2

In this film, the mice have a larger role. They are three of Shrek's friends who watch his swamp while Shrek and Princess Fiona are visiting Far Far Away. Later, along with Gingy, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs, they save Shrek from the Fairy Godmother and join the dance during the end song "Livin la Vida Loca."

Shrek The Third

The Mice have very little screen time in the film. They appear briefly at King Harold's funeral, and then say goodbye to Shrek, Donkey and Puss when they go on a quest to find Artie.

Shrek the Halls

The Three Blind Mice join Shrek and the others for Christmas at Shrek's swamp.

Shrek Forever After

They made cameos in the normal universe, celebrating the Ogre Triplets' 1st birthday.

Scared Shrekless

They were seen in Shrek's swamp with Donkey, Puss, Three Pigs, Gingy, Pinocchio, and Wolf at the beginning. Later on, it's revealed that they never made it to Duloc to tell scary stories, as they were walking in circles on a mini turning table.

Swamp Talk

The trio were mentioned in the episode "Shrek Reacts to 3 Blind Mice", where they were heavily criticized for their play The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker.


  • One of the mice in the first film were voiced by Mike Myers, with a voice similar to that of Beatles musician John Lennon.
  • The Three Blind Mice are the only nursery rhyme characters (besides the Muffin Man) who have prominent roles in the Shrek series.
  • One of them is named Gordon.
  • The mice took on antagonist roles in the widely panned video game, Shrek: Treasure Hunt.
  • At one point during "I'm a Believer" in Shrek the Musical, the Three Blind Mice face the wrong way of the stage. It looks like a glitch, but it's actually a joke.