• I know there's the Shrek ragdolling knights and wielding a sword in the films and a few abilities in the games, but I'm a bit too busy to be buying every single Shrek video game and comic to study his powers. This is assuming all media is canonical (including ads, Halloween specials, etc).

    Wondering because I want to start incorporating actual Shrek lore into my stories, and not just omnipotent Meme Shrek. 

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    • he has the power of memes get over it

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    • in shrek is love, he can fly, repair people's layers, hear prayers, has super hearing, can cause explosions of green light, he has electrokinesis (manipulated a diskplayer), he can teleport in a large green light, and he can move at high speeds in short bursts, appearing as a green light when he does.

      in the original book, he was able to breath fire, and was more durable, able to eat lightning, he could also shoot fire from his mouth, had poison blood, and was faster, able to dodge lightning.

      in the special's, he is aware of the viewers.

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