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  • Beverlyjones

    I watched Shrek 2 tonight because it was on TV and when the 2 elf workers turned into Lumiere and Cogsworth, I started thinking: Do those 2 names apply to the elf workers too? If not, why call the candelabra and clock those names? Would they be nicknames based on what they turned into? Please let me know in the comments.

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  • Beverlyjones

    Once upon a time, there was a Norwegian widowed Queen Regnant of the Kingdom of Arendelle called Arianna Stasia who had 12 sons, but wanted a daughter. One day, an ordinary looking woman (who was really a witch who looked like a troll) promised her a daughter in return for her sons. Queen Arianna said she didn’t care what happened to her sons as long as she had her daughter.

    The next day, the sons were gone, but Arianna had 2 conjoined twin girls. She called the black-haired one Snow White and the red headed one Rosy Red. The 12 sons were trapped in one of the royal portraits and when Arianna saw that portrait, she was shocked. She wanted her sons back, but she would not for some time.

    Arianna took her daughters to Norbreck Castle Hotel in B…

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  • Beverlyjones

    Shrek Stories: The Twits

    September 12, 2020 by Beverlyjones

    Mr and Mrs Twit were 2 ugly old people who live in a caravan in the Crone’s Nest in Far Far Away. Their caravan was numbered 281. They love to play tricks on each other, like putting worms in their spaghetti and putting frogs in their beds. Every Friday, they had Rabbit Pie, so they stuck Super Glue in their rabbit field so they could catch the rabbits.

    One Friday, a rabbit called Flik the Roly-Poly Rabbit came and warned the rabbits not to go into the field. Mr Twit came and saw the rabbits laughing outside the field, so he put Super Glue there, but Flik warned the rabbits about THAT. Mr Twit came outside to see the rabbits laughing AGAIN. He and Matilda Twit went to get guns.

    While they were gone, the rabbits turned everything in their liv…

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  • Beverlyjones

    Note: I'm doing this story because it's Roald Dahl Day this Sunday.

    There was once a Norwegian-English boy called Yope who had an eccentric grandmother who told him all about witches. After Yope's parents's death, he started living with his grandmother. She told him everything about witches, that they all had green skin, they hate children, have big nostrils, and to them, children smell like fresh dog's droppings.

    After the grandmother got ill with pneumonia, they had to have a holiday at Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool. When they got there, Yope got curious and explored the room where the RSPCC were going to have their meeting with his little mouse, which he called Stuart Little. When they got in the room, they removed wigs and masks to …

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  • Beverlyjones

    The Global Ogre War was getting more and more brutal, to the point where more and more soldiers were needed. Eventually, soldiers from all over the world were needed, including China. One such Chinese family, named Fa, had an elderly man who had served in many battles and he was called upon to help defend China against Maximus Daauqraf. His eldest daughter, Fa Mulan, tried to convince him not to go, since he will die, but he rebuffed her, saying he will die knowing he did the right thing.

    Mulan then decided to fight in her father’s place. She bought the necessary equipment and dressed like a man, named Fa Ping. “He” managed to get through the training in the Pleasure Training Field flawlessly and proved to be War material.

    Soon, it was War t…

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