Henry: The half-merman son of King Derek and Queen Toodles. Dama Fortuna doesn’t like that Toddles has had a happy ending, so she tries 2 kill Toodles, but fails.

Evil Queen/Queen Coco: Snow White’s biological mother. She got part of a happy ending when she married her Prince Charming, the King of Ormond, but she felt she had been stripped from it when he died. When she fed the Poison Apple 2 her daughter, she had a change of heart and kissed her on the lips, thus gaining the rest of her happy ending, being a good mother. However, Dama Fortuna didn’t like that, thinking that “villains don’t get happy endings,” so she implanted fake memories in their heads and that was it until Shrek the Third.

Harry Potter: A half-Wizard child who is sent to live with his mean aunt and uncle in 4 Privet Drive In Duloc. Uncle Vernon tried to sell 7 year-Old Harry to Lord Farquaad, his distant cousin, but Dumbledore intervened, giving Harry back to them since Harry had no place else to go. When Farquaad got eaten by Dragon, the family moved to a non-magical kingdom since there was another road called Privet Drive there and the No. 4 there was up for sale.

The reason I gave the Evil Queen a happy ending was because I feel that even villains get happy endings and that killing is never the answer coz if the heroes kill the villains, they’ll be just as bad as the villains.

For the Shrek version of Harry Potter, I’m just gonna focus on the first 2 books coz they were both written in the fairytale genre.

Prince Harold: The Frog Prince. A human Prince who was turned into a frog by Dama Fortuna, who later “helped” him, which was reversed with her downfall.

Princess Lillian Pendragon: The Princess, later Queen, of Far Far Away.

Leonard Spencer-Drek: The Minister for Ogres during the Global Ogre War. He had a good relationship with the then-Prime Minister Whinston Churchill and oversaw WW2 as well as the Ogre War.

Jesus Christ: A Dark sorcerer who practiced dark magic such as bringing himself and others back from the dead and was crucified for it. His birth will be the subject for a Christmas story and his death will be the subject for an Easter story.

The Yellow Fairy Godmother: An apprentice of The Fairy Godmothers.

Miserable the dwarf: A dwarf who is always miserable. He will be in my Snow White story and my 2nd adaptation of the Little Mermaid story. He married the Little Mermaid, but she committed suicide, making him all the more miserable.

Worried the dwarf: A dwarf who worries all the time. He will be in my Snow White story.

Bored the dwarf: A dwarf who is always bored. He will be in my Snow White story.

Miss Nettle

Miss Nettle, the Yellow Fairy Godmother.

Half-merman Henry

Prince Henry.

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