Jesus Christ was a Dark Wizard who was born on 25th December.


With Mary being a witch, she just created Jesus inside her womb with magic. Back in those days, children out of wedlock was bad, so she told her non-magical partner, Joseph, about it and he agreed to pretend to be the father and that Jesus was God's child. Mary gave birth to him in a stable in Bethlehem and all the animals and 3 wise men gathered to meet him.

Adult life

Jesus soon grew up and did all kinds of stuff with his magic, such as walking on water, bringing people back from the dead (which, in reality, were just zombies, which he gave personality to), all things which his followers (known as Christians) were awed at, but those who feared him thought that what he was doing was frightening and demonic.


After being told of his death, Jesus had a cunning plan. At his end of life feast, he made more food appear with his magic. before being put on the cross, he drunk a sleeping potion, so when he was on the cross, he APPEARED dead and when he awoke, he broke free from the cross.


After Jesus's supposed death, everyone thought he was the son of God and would never consider the fact he was a wizard, but some, such as Farquaad, knew the truth, which was why he banned even Christians from Duloc, though they had no idea why. The cathedral was going to be demolished after Farquaad's wedding to Fiona, but since he got eaten, that never happened.

The End

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Wizard Jesus Christ

Wizard Jesus.

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