OK, so since Roald Dahl Day is coming up soon, I’m going to write my version of how at least 1 story of his went down in the Shrek universe. These stories will be as follows:

James and the Giant Peach: A boy escapes from his 2 aunts and 2 uncles and battles the twin brother of his Fairy Godfather with help from a Giant Peach and insect friends.

The Twits: The Twit family who live in a caravan labelled 281 get their comeuppance by animals they abuse.

Matilda: A 10 year-old country girl deals with her 2 adopted parents and her teacher’s wicked stepmother of an aunt with magical powers.

Friar Crunchypants, Carl and the Crunchypants Cereal Factory: An original story that will have elements from the 2 movies as well as from the comics.

The Witches: A Norwegian boy called Yope and his eccentric grandmother go to a hotel in Cleveleys Promenade to deal with evil witches of all kinds - witches, warlocks, sea-witches and wicked fairies.

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