I knocked on the staff room door and Dale answered.

"Still wanna watch Shrek 2?" I asked.

"Why not?" Dale answered.

We went down and were about to put the DVD in, when someone knocked on the door. Dale had no idea who she was when we answered, but I did.

"Hi, Alex!" the Fairy Godmother greeted, "Thank you for inviting me!"

"Hi, Evangeline!" I said.

We eventually let her in.

"In this film, you two'll be facing my twin sister," said Evangeline Fortuna.

"You have a sister?" asked Dale.

"Yeah, but she's a wicked fairy," Evangeline explained.

"So is she Carabosse?" I asked.

"Heck, no," scoffed Evangeline, "She and Carabosse are still enemies. My sister's name is Dama, meaning Dame. So, are you putting the DVD in?"

We put it in, then after the trailers were over and we pressed Play, Evangeline cast a spell to transport all 3 of us into the Shrek world.

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