Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Stanley, there was a princess called Cindy and her father, the King. Her mother had died by childbirth and the King couldn’t rule his kingdom anymore, so he hired his advisor to rule and he moved to a small chateau in Far Far Away, where he met Lady Macnair and her children, a boy named Boris and an ugly girl named Mabel. Cindy was made to be a servant in her own home and was given the spiteful nickname “Cinderella” by Boris instead of “Cinderclod” by Mabel. Cindy didn’t tell her father, for he was ruled by Lady Macnair and thus would have scolded her.

One day, an invitation came from the Kingdom of Stanley for a Royal Ball to take place there for the advisor to find a wife. Because Cindy’s father hadn’t told her about her true lineage, she was innocently excited to go, but her stepfamily mocked her. Boris went to the Fairy Godmother of the Kingdom to get a magical sex change for the occasion, which was advertised in the cottage and he was renamed Doris. When they went, Cindy ran out and cried. Her Fairy Godmother, called Compulsia, who was the good twin sister, to the other one, came and turned a watermelon into a carriage which she enchanted to take Cindy to the Stanley Castle. When the advisor glimpsed Cindy, he thought he recognised her and because of that, he fell for her and pretty soon, she fell for him in return. Soon, the clock struck midnight.

“Where are you going?” The advisor asked.

“I haven’t met the royal family yet,” Cindy answered.

“The royal family? But didn’t you know?”

“What don’t I know?” she asked, running off.

She made it back to her chateau, but not before the spell broke and the coach turned back into a melon. Back at home, her stepfamily were talking about Cindy’s true lineage, which Cindy overheard and realised it was her destiny to marry the advisor. She asked to try on her slipper, but Lady Macnair refused. The advisor insisted, however, and Cinderella and the advisor were married, but this time, since Cindy was born a princess, instead of her becoming a princess, the advisor became a Prince. The Magic Mirror took note of her lineage and advertised her as a princess for Farquaad to marry, but that was before she married the advisor and mentioned Stanley as “a kingdom Far Far Away.” Cindy got stressed at being a princess since she grew up not knowing of it, so she and the advisor moved to Far Far Away.

She and Doris also joined Fiona to defend Far Far Away from an evil Prince, who Mabel was working with, but the two sisters reconciled.

The End.

I got the idea of Cindy being a princess from birth from Shrek 1 where the Mirror advertised her as a princess for Farquaad to marry, despite her story saying she wasn’t born a princess.

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