"A legend is sung, of when Far Far Away was young, And knights were brave and bold, Good King Uther had died, And no one could decide, Who was rightful heir to the throne, It seemed that the land would be torn by war, Or saved by a miracle alone, And that miracle appeared, In the town. The Sword in the Stone."

And so Excalibur was planted in Far Far Away, with words on it: "Whoso pullet out this sword from this stone and anvil, is right wise King born of Far Far Away."

Many men tried with all the strength, but no one could as much as stir it. That is until Prince Harold of King Midas's kingdom, who had been turned human by Dama Fortuna, had a go and managed to pull it out. Before that, he received tutelage from the powerful wizard, Merlin. And so Uther and Lillian Pendragon's father appointed him as his successor. And so he was King consort until his death upon turning back into a frog.

The End.

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