James Henry Trotter was a normal boy living with his parents near Duloc Hills Beach and had a happy life with them, until one day his parents were killed by strange people, thus he had to live with his aunts and uncles, Aunt and Uncle Spiker and Aunt and Uncle Sponge. They made him do all the work, like clean the house and chop the wood. They also constantly berate him and never let him have a normal childhood. They even tried selling him to Farquaad, but to no avail.

One day, when James had had enough, a mysterious man came down from the sky.

"Who are you!" asked James.

"I'm your Fairy Godfather," the man replied. "Here are crocodile tongues. One thousand long slimy boiled up in the skull of a dead witch. Don't let them get away. And beware of my twin brother."

James tried to get them inside, but he tripped and the tongues got away. His aunts and uncles caught him and tried to take him inside, but the Sponge couples spotted a peach, which grew big. The aunts and uncles tried to make money off of it, but James went into it that very night and met enormous grasshoppers. They all managed to free the peach from the aunts and uncles's grasp. They all wanted to get it NYC, which James desired for years.

When they got to Duloc Hills Beach, they tied seagulls's legs to the peach and had them fly the peach. However, their journey was interrupted by someone who looked like the Fairy Godfather, but wasn't. It was his twin brother. He waved his wand and turned everyone's clothes into swimming trunks and made them all wet. He then the wind blow very hard, so they can feel fear. James was scared at first, but soon, he had the courage to say "I'm not afraid anymore!" and make the Goduncle go away.

Eventually they reached NYC, but they got stuck on the Empire State Building. The aunts and uncles had followed them there and attempted to kill James, but James had a flashback to when his parents were killed. He now knew who the strange people.

"THEY killed my parents!" he cried, "I know it! I just figured it out."

The aunts and uncles tried to kill James a second time, but were arrested. The firemen got everyone down from the State Building and also brought down the peach stone for James to live in.

James and his insect friends now live in the stone in Central Park, awaiting new adventures.

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