Once upon a time, there was a lonely wood carver named Mr. Geppetto, who longed for a son of his own. One night, he had finished making his latest creation, Pinocchio and before he fell asleep, he wished for a son. Suddenly, a fairy with turquoise hair came and made Pinocchio alive, for she was his soon-to-be fairy godmother. She told him to "prove himself brave, truthful and unselfish."

The next day, he tried to go to school, but he was stopped by a fox and a cat who told him about a puppet show run by a red-bearded man named Stromboli. With Pinocchio in it, the show was a success. But Stromboli locked him in a cage that same night. Luckily, the Turquoise Fairy set him free.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of his troubles, for the fox and the cat found him again and took him to a carriage where stupid little boys and girls were on to go somewhere called Pleasure Island. Pinocchio soon met 2 of the boys, called Candlewick and Brian, who was annoying and kept singing and talking how waffles were his favorite food and how he always got teased at school, being given wedges. When they got there, the Bee Gees song "Night Fever" was playing. They all had a lot of fun on the island, but they realized that they all were turning into donkeys. Pinocchio managed to escape, but Candlewick and Brian weren't so lucky. Pinocchio went back to his father and both were overjoyed. The next day, Pinocchio went to school and everything was alright. He never got to be a real boy, but he got used to that.

Soon, however, Geppetto sold him to their lord for 5 shillings and got relocated to a nearby swamp, where an ogre said he will talk to the lord. He later attended the ogre's wedding. Later, he DID get turned into a real boy by a wicked fairy while helping the ogre again, but it was short-lived. Eventually, he began running a bookstore in Far Far Away and turned down a con man who offered to make him a real boy.

As for Candlewick, Pinocchio never saw him again. But Brian, after he turned into a donkey, he could still talk, but he was sold to Old MacDonald, who sold him for some magic beans, then kids kept shouting Pinata at him before he was sold to a grumpy old woman. He was too stubborn for her, however, and she sold him to Farquaad the same time Geppetto sold Pinocchio, so the two reunited at long last. Brian escaped through a combination of Tinkerbell's and the Turquoise Fairy's magic and he met the ogre, named Shrek. He tried to get rid of Brian, but the two became best friends. Since Shrek didn't know his name, he simply called him by his species. He also met a gigantic dragon, they fell in love and had dragon-donkey hybrids, which was okay since he was already an adult by that time. Since Brian was a human, his children had human blood. At one point, after drinking a "jug of voodoo," he became a white horse, which was good because noble steeds were his favorite animal. He turned back after midnight, however, but Shrek told him he was still a noble steed.

At one point in the night, the Turquoise Fairy came to him and told him if he remains loyal and kind to Shrek, he will be a real boy again. But the real boy bit had yet to happen. For now.

The End.

Donkey as he was in human form

Brian (Donkey).

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