Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen who had a bratty daughter named Rapunzel. They couldn’t take anymore of her brattiness so they sent her to live with their neighbour, Dame Gothel, who lived in a tower. Rapunzel was Scared of Gothel and heavily disliked Gothel, so she made up in her head that she was kidnapped by her when she was a baby. At one point when she did something wrong, Gothel cut and shaved her hair off, making her bald

Once day, a Prince named Marco came by, having been sent by Dama Fortuna to seek out Rapunzel and marry her. He climbed up the tower and fell in love with her, but she didn’t return his feelings. She pushed him out of the tower into the thorn bush, causing him to go blind. She also disposed of Gothel the same way. Rapunzel then escaped the tower and got a restraining order against Marco. She bought a new wig for herself in Far Far Away.

When she met Prince Charming after his mother’s death, she made up in her mind that HE was her Prince and she pretended to be on the other princess’s side, but of course she betrayed them eventually.

She attempted to kill Shrek along with Charming so she could be the Evil Queen of Far Far Away, but their plan got foiled. A gingerbread man took her wig off, thus reminding her of when Gothel cut her hair off and she ran off. She did get out of her brattiness at the end, reunited with her parents, Charming turned good as well, and they All lived happily ever after.

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