Once upon a time, there was a frog swamp bordering the outskirts of an Ogre Kingdom ruled by a human royal family. Among the frogs were 2, one named Rutha and her sister, named Emma. Emma longed to marry Prince Shrek of the Ogre Kingdom.

Suddenly, with a burst of blue magic, a Male fairy appeared. He had ginger hair and brown eyes.

“Who are you?” Asked Emma.

“I am Fortuna. Bib Fortuna. I’m not really a fairy, I’m a wizard posing as a fairy. I heard you’re in love with the son of the local King?”

“Yes,” said Emma tearfully, “But I’m a frog and he’s a human.”

“No matter,” said Fortuna, “I can turn you into a human.”

“Oh, Yes, please!” squealed Emma.

So Fortuna waved his wand and turned Emma into a beautiful human. She met Prince Shrek, they fell in love and they married. They had a son called Shrek Jr, but he looked ogre-like because he was half-Frog. Shrek Sr didn’t mind because it was a kingdom of ogres and he suspected Emma was born a frog.

Shrek Jr could breathe fire. One day, he met the daughter of Bib Fortuna, a beautiful Good witch making something in a cauldron.

“Could you tell me my fortune please?” he asked the witch.

“Certainly,” she said,


Pay attention to this witch

You will wed a princess who

Is even uglier than you

Ha ha ha and cockadoodle

The magic words are “Apple Strudel””

So Shrek Jr went to meet this princess and to his surprise, she WAS uglier than him. Her name was Yasmine Margaret and she was a purple ogre. They fell in love, married and lived as commoners. They had a small son called Shrek the Third, which was the reason why the 3rd film was named such instead of Shrek 3. Shrek Jr tried to eat his son for fu, because he was so small. He and his wife had to let their son find his place in the world at age 7 and the rest is the Shrek franchise.

The End.

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