Once upon a time, there was a half-ogre King called Stefan and a human Queen called Briar Rose, who desperately wanted a child. Eventually, they got a daughter, called Princess Alexandra. They invited 3 good fairies, called Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, to the christening.

“I give you the gift of beauty,” said Flora.

“I give you the gift of never being blue,” said Merryweather.

“I give you the gift of....,” began Fauna, but the door burst open. It was Carabosse.

“I see you haven’t invited me AGAIN!” She shrieked, “Never mind, I shall do to your daughter what I did to Briar Rose. I curse little Alexandra to prick her finger on a spindle on her 15th birthday and DIE!”

“Carabosse,” said King Stefan, “I promise you will fail, just like you failed with Briar Rose.”

She then left, but Fauna had yet to give HER gift

“I can soften the curse. Alexandra WILL prick her finger, but she will NOT die. Instead, she will fall asleep for a hundred years.”

King Stefan ordered all spindles in the Kingdom of Far Far Away to be burned. Soon, Princess Alexandra grew to be a beautiful 15 year old, who kept falling asleep. She had brown hair, green eyes and a blue hat and dress. However, one day in her room, she was lured into the basement by the curse, where she pricked her finger and died, fulfilling the curse. The Fairies were devastated and Fauna put the entire castle to sleep.

Soon, however, a half-cheetah Prince named Prince Hunter heard the tale of the Sleeping Beauty and went to the castle, but it was covered by thorns. He broke through them with his sword, went into the castle and came across Alexandra, who he awakened by giving true love’s kiss. Carabosse was furious by this and disappeared.

Soon, Prince Hunter and Princess Alexandra had 2 children, a boy called L’Jour and L’Aurore. Prince Hunter decided for Alexandra to meet his mother, Queen Fuli the Cheetah Queen Mother. She was scared of everything, so when she saw her daughter-in-law and grandchildren, she simply ran away.

Time passed, soon they moved to Duloc, where Alexandra had to give away her fairies to the Lord since he hated magical beings. She was also invited to Princess Fiona’s ball. She also got to be one of Fiona’s friends and helped save Far Far Away from an evil Prince, which she succeeded at.

At some point, she got diagnosed with narcolepsy. Nevertheless, she and Prince Hunter got married, became King and Queen and lived happily ever after.

The End.

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