Note: Since Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is coming to cinemas this coming Friday and it will have the Ogress Queen Mother In, I decided to do a prequel to my Sleeping Beauty story, where Princess Briar Rose meets Prince Stefan’s Mother.

After Stefan defeated Carabosse and freed Briar Rose, they decided to meet Stefan’s mother, Queen Alexandra of Squiloc. However, when they met her, she didn’t quite like Briar Rose. She reluctantly agreed to give her a chance, and they all sat down to dinner. However, Alexandra made a mess of it and Stefan ran off, furious.

“Your Majesty, why do you hate me so?” sobbed Briar Rose.

“My dear,” said Alexandra, “I had a bad experience with humans when I saw my brother killed by one. Ever since, I have had PTSD and with it, an inability to trust your kind.

“Well, not all humans are bad,” said Briar Rose.

“And you are living proof of that,” replied Alexandra.

Stefan came back, having heard the whole conversation and hugged the two women. Everyone was happy, Alexandra stepped down as Queen and became a member of Far Far Away’s Ogre Resistance, which she was already in in an alternate universe where one ogre in question never existed and they were taking down a “curly-toed weirdo.”

The End.

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