It was a typical day at the dwarfs’s cottage. The dwarfs were going to work, singing “Hi-ho” as they went. Snow White was making apple pie when there was a knock at the door and she answered it.

“Who are you?” She asked the supposed 8th dwarf.

“I am Grumpy’s son, Maximus,” Farquaad answered.

“So I take it, ur at least half-dwarf?” Snow asked.

“No! How did u know?”

“Coz u look shorter than a human, but taller than a dwarf,” she answered.

“Can I put u down as a bachelorette for me to marry?” Farquaad asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “I’d have 2 spend time with u first.”

So the two dated. Farquaad hated his father “sleeping seven to a bed,” as he would later complain about. But soon, she discovered his true personality, that he was a self-hating bigot and a hypocrite, so when he proposed to her, she said NO, stating she didn’t want 2 date the son of Grumpy anyway.

“No offence, though Grumpy,” She later said.

So then, Farquaad knew he would have 2 pick a different princess so he could have a perfect kingdom. Later, when it was time to pick a princess, when Thelonious said No. 3, but held up 2 fingers, Farquaad had a panicked look in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Snow chose Dopey as her Prince Charming, hence her Dopey tattoo on her shoulder in Shrek 3.

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