Once upon a time, in the Dragonflidojo castle in Far Far Away, there was a young princess named Snow White. She was put to work by her stepmother, the Queen, ever since her father died. One day, the Queen consulted her mirror, only to discover Snow had surpassed her beauty-wise. She sent for a huntsman to kill Snow, but when push came to shove, he couldn’t do it. Snow ran away and discovered a little cottage.

“FARQUAAD family?” She read on the sign above the door, “Hm. What a strange name!”

She went in, but no one was home. Tired, she fell asleep on the beds.

Soon, the Farquaad family came home, singing “Hi-Ho” as the walked, but stopped when they saw someone was in. They investigated, only to find the Princess, who woke up. She promised to look after them, which they accepted. Snow eventually fell in love with Dopey.

Meanwhile, the Queen consulted her mirror, only to find that Snow was still alive. Enraged, the Queen dressed as a farmer’s wife, located Snow and gave her a Poison Apple, which worked.

When the dwarfs found Snow, her put her in a coffin and put it in a nearby swamp that belonged to an ogre, who told them “Dead broad off the table,” before leaving. Eventually, Dopey awakens her with true love’s kiss. He and Snow got married, Dopey became Prince consort of Dragonflidojo, Snow became Snow White Farquaad and they all lived happily ever after.

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