Once upon a time, there was a Muffin Man named Steve Jero. One day, he was looking through his book of things to make and decided to make a gingerbread man. He created him through science and bakery. But when he was done and Steve called him Gingy, he ran off, through Duloc Hills and through Clappersgate, all the while, David Bowie’s verse of “Changes” was playing, Eventually, Steve caught Gingy and took him back home.

Eventually Gingy attended Cookie Academy and enjoyed it there, where he excelled at Economics. When he was a young adult, he was taken from Steve and interrogated by Lord Farquaad about the whereabouts of the rest of the fairytale creatures, but luckily he found a way to lie. Eventually he was dumped in a dustbin, but he escaped to celebrate an ogre’s wedding to the Princess Farquaad was supposed to marry.

Steve eventually moved from Drury Lane in Duloc to Drury Lane in Far Far Away, though Gingy was only made aware of this fact when he and Shrek looked for him for a way to break into the Far Far Away Castle.

Gingy soon proved his worth, helping Shrek save Far Far Away from Dama Fortuna and later her son, Charming. Eventually, he and Steve found work at the Happy Apple where they worked as bakers.

The End.

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