Since @WilsonHydetheThird refused 2 give HIS little mermaid, Violet, a happy ending, I decided I would 4 MY little mermaid. So here we go:

Once upon a time, in the lake next 2 an aquarium, there was a kingdom of mermaids, ruled by King Neptune and his dowager mother.

The youngest, named Toodles, was interested in whether humans lived forever. One day, she saved one, called Prince Derek, from drowning. He and his royal family were visiting the aquarium from Denmark.

Wondering what if she DIDN’T save him, she asked her grandmother whether humans lived forever. The grandmother told her that humans had an immortal soul, while mermaids turn 2 sea foam.

Determined 2 have a soul, Toodles went 2 Morgana, her aunt, and told her her problem and her aunt gave her legs. She had 2 go up 2 the surface or she would drown. When she reached up, she saw that Prince Derek was in love with an employee at the aquarium called Vanessa coz he thought SHE saved him and was shocked.

The wedding was that evening, at sunset, but Toodles stopped the wedding.

“I object!” She shouted, “Derek, I was the one who saved you!”

Derek realised the truth and Vanessa was fine with it. Derek and Toodles were married and lived happily ever after. But they would be in a surprise when they get 2 Far Far Away, as Dama Fortuna and Wilson Hyde heard their story and would have preferred that Toodles turned 2 sea foam, as in their eyes, “Mermaids don’t live happily ever after.”

To be continued........

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