Note: I’m doing this story because since Prince Charles appears in a photo during the Fairy Godmother Song, I think he has had a bit of history with Dama Fortuna. That is where this story comes in. So here we go:

Dama Fortuna had gone throughout all over the country trying to find the perfect kingdom for her son to settle in. She was about to give up when she saw a man who looked like a prince moping on the pavement.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“My wife, Princess Diana, died in a car accident and now I feel lonely.” he explained.

“Well, you’re in luck!” Said Fortuna, “I’ve seen another noble lady called Camilla walking by right now!”

“Yeah,” said Charles, “and I think I have feelings for her.”

“Well,” said Fortuna, “I will get her to notice you and you will be happy again.”

“You’d do that, for me?” gasped Charles.

“No,” said Fortuna, “I do it for a price. Meet your future son-in-law.”

She held out a blonde baby boy with blue eyes.

“This is Charming Fortuna.” Fortuna explained, “I had him with a royal named Uther Pendragon, but he ran off with another woman and had another son called Arthur, Artie for short.”

“Yes, but if I have a child, they should be free to choose who they want to marry.”

“I’m only asking for an arranged marriage for your first-born DAUGHTER.”

“Alright,” agreed Charles.

Soon, Charles and Camilla were married, but had no children, which was alright with Dama Fortuna, since she changed her mind at the last minute, having her heart now set on Far Far Away, the kingdom her son was born in. But she would never forget Charles, for she kept his photo with him and showed it whenever she sings (which is why she had it when singing to Fiona). And in the year 2021, Charles and Camilla became King and Princess of Britain.

The End.

P.S. I had Camilla be Princess, not Queen, of Britain because she wanted that title due to the sensitive memory of Princess Diana of Wales.

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