Charming Fortuna was lunging at Artie when I stepped in between them.

“Why do you think you need to settle things this way?” I asked Charming.

“The ogre killed my mother!” shouted Charming.

“Charming, your mother killed herself. She attempted to turn Shrek back into an ogre, but the former King got in the way and the spell reflected back on her!” I reasoned.

“Well, then, no one forced him to do that!” Screeched Charming.

“Let me explain who your mother is,” I answered patiently and quietly, “She was a power-hungry sorceress who used you to get the title of Wicked Queen Mother. She didn’t truly care for you.”

Charming stared at me dumbfounded. He had never heard that side before.

“We all want you to be who YOU want to be, not who your mother or anyone else wants you to be.” I went on.

“Well, Mother wanted me to get together with Fiona when in reality, who I wanted to be with was Rapunzel, and she in turn was forced to marry Prince Marco, a Prince she didn’t love,” Charming realised.

“Well, there you go,” I said, “You marry the one you love and you will be the King of RAPUNZEL’s kingdom.”

So Charming and Rapunzel got married, I was Charming’s best man, even SHREK attended and now Charming lived happily ever after.

The End.

I wrote this fan fiction because I was in a “villains-should-get-happy-endings-too” phase.

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