This is my "encyclopedia" of both existing and fan-made Shrek characters, which features the characters I have planned to be featured in my stories (which will come to a close once I do everyone I wish to write about). It will progress from the major cast to the minor additions that are either hardly realized or made up. The list should come in handy for those who wish to follow my writings on a regular basis. 

(NOTE: Some characters will either have brief descriptions, or one sentence. I apologize for any inconsistecies.)

Shrek's Life Story

Shrek: A socially anxious yet quick witted ogre with a heart of gold. Raised by rather brutal parents, he was forced to live on his own after he grew too old at age 21. After living alone for over a decade, he soon found acceptance in society thanks to befriending Donkey and marrying Fiona.

Ogre Triplets (Farkle, Fergus and Felicia): Shrek and Fiona's offspring. 

Puss in Boots' Life Story

Puss in Boots: A suave spanish cat infamous for his vigilante behavior. Born in a litter, he was quickly abandoned and placed in a basket in the desert winds. He soon landed near the San Ricardo orphanage, where he would be raised. Years later, he grew up to become an ogre killer, in order to make money to support his now dying foster mother, Imelda. 

Humpty Dumpty: A friendly, yet deceiving egg; formerly Puss's best friend and sworn brother.

Kitty Softpaws: A tough vigilante who used to work for criminals. She was also one of Puss' many former lovers. 

Dulcinea: A resident of the mysterious San Lorenzo and Puss' former lover.

Jack Sprat: Puss' former ally in his many adventures.

The Giant: The old ruler of an abondoned castle in the cloud world. 

Donkey & the Town Musicians of Bremen

Donkey: A friendly, yet slighty irritating mule. Despite being called "Donkey", he was born a mule, as his mother was a horse, and his father was an actual donkey. Growing up on a boring farm, he and his best friend, Sir Rooster, set off to form a music band in the town of Bremen.

Sir Rooster: A soulful singer and wise-cracking rooster. Born on the same farm as Donkey, the two were best friends who shared a love for music. He is skilled with acoustic guitar playing.

Hound: A domestic pet that ran away to join Donkey and Rooster's music band. He is a wonderful trumpet player and pianist.

Kitty (not Softpaws): A domestic pet that ran away to join Donkey and Rooster's music band. She can provide back up vocals and bass playing. 

Fiona's Tale

Fiona: A beautiful yet fiesty princess yearning to find true love. Being the subject of an insane conspiracy, she is freed by the ogre Shrek, and learns that it's what's inside that creates beauty. 

Lillian: The former queen of Far Far Away and mother of Fiona. 

Harold: The former king of Far Far Away and father of Fiona. Born as a frog, he fell in love with a human princess, and turned human so he could marry her. 

Fairy Godmother/Dama Fortuna: An ambitious bussiness woman bent on rewriting all magical stories to fill her needs of a perfect fairy tale world.

Prince Charming: A faux prince who was intended to rescue Fiona so he could become heir to the throne.

Dragon: The selected guard at her keep to "protect" Fiona until her true love arrives. 

The Gingerbread Man

Gingy: A fast-running, fun loving gingerbread man.

The Muffin Man: A baker in Drury Lane who created Gingy.


Pinocchio: A living puppet who yearns to be a real boy. 

Geppetto: An old wood carver and father to Pinocchio.

Celeste the Turquoise Haired Fairy: An undead spirit and former mentor/mother to Pinocchio.

The Fox & Cat: Two con artists who pretend to have physical disabilities.

Stromboli: A greedy puppeteer that tried to make money off of Pinocchio.

The Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood

Three Little Pigs: German builders who specialize in house construction.

Big Bad Wolf: A cross-dressing, semi-depressed wolf that could care less about his life.

Red Riding Hood: A traumatized little girl with a bitter hatred for the wolf.

Grandma: The only victim of the wolf's hunger and reason for Riding Hood's hatred for him.


Cinderella: An abused shut-in from a mysterious kingdom who became the heir alongside her prince husband.

Cinderella's Mother: A dead spirit that aided Cinderella so she could live a happy life.

Doris & Mabel: Cinderella's rude and ugly stepsisters (Doris being born male) that tried to take her place as the Prince's lover.

Wicked Stepmother: Cinderella's abusive guardian and scoundrel after her father's riches.

The Prince: A handsome heir that fell in love with Cinderella.

The Father: Cinderella's dad that married her stepmother as an attempt to wipe away the memories of his dead wife.

Snow White

Snow White: A hard-working princess who died from a poison apple. 

The Seven Dwarfs: Mine workers that took care of Snow White survive in the woods and protect her corpse once she died.

Rose Red: Snow White's sister who resurreted her through means of supernatural abilites.

Evil Queen: Snow White's stepmother who attempted to steal the title of "Fairest in the Land" from her by killing the princess with a poison apple.

Sleeping Beauty

Princess Talia (Sleeping Beauty): A princess cursed into a 100-year sleep when she turned 16.

Prince Phillip-Birdmann: Talia's savior and heir to a run-down kingdom.

Carabosse: The evil fairy that spwaned the spindle which forced Talia into a coma.

Caradoc: The son of Carabosse that seeks revenge on Talia and Phillip for breaking his mother's curse.

Ogress Queen: Phillip's mother and ruler of a dystopian kingdom where everyone must eat like her. 

The Good Fairies: A group of multi-colored fairies who gave gifts to Talia when she was born. Three of them were chosen to aid her parents when she grew up. 


Rapunzel: A bratty, self-absorbed princess that is dissatisfied with her life. 

Dame Gothel: A sweet-hearted guardian selected to take care of Rapunzel after her parents died.

Dolph: Rapunzel's ex-boyfriend who took her on dates behind her guardian's back.


Monsieur Hood: A French robber and vigilante living in Sherwood Forest.

Alan-a-Dale: An American immigrant that plays the role of minstrel in Nottingham.

Maid Marian: Monsieur Hood's former lover (one of many) and resident of Nottingham.

King Arthur: The current ruler of Far Far Away, and Worcestershire graduate.

Guenivere: Arhtur's ex-girlfriend from his freshman year at Worcestershire Academy. 

Duloc's Residents/Royalty

Walter Duloc/Miser Duloc: A storyteller and performer who founded the village of Duloc.

Lord Farquaad: An aspiring bussiness tycoon who wanted to turn Duloc into a totalitarian theme park and worldwide brand.

Annabel Lee: Farquaad's mother and victim of a cold illness. 

Daniel Farquaad: Farquaad's father and man who despises all magical beings.

Prince Prospero: Former selected heir to Duloc, only to fall victim to the black plague with the other citizens.

The Red Death: The mysterious spirit who killed the entire population of Duloc a year after Farquaad's passing.

Banished Characters

The Three Bears: A family of bears blamed for trauma and evicted from their home. 

Tinkerbell: An envious and snarky fairy sold by Peter Pan.

The Pied Piper: The banished flautist of Hamelin infamous for murdering 130 children,

The Three Blind Mice: Blind rodents who never seem to get around very easy. 

The Old Woman in the Shoe: A foster mother who takes care of 100 kids in her giant shoe home.

Criminals/Shady Characters

Georgie Porgie: An offender in Far Far Away who kisses girls and make them cry at night.

Knave of Hearts: An obese pastry theif with a terrible eating problem.

Chicken Little: A chicken conspiracy theorist always bothering neighbors with her crazy stories. 

The Hare: A hare who uses steampunk motor bikes to win races.

Goose Girl: A goose tamer that faked being a princess to get closer to a prince. 

Goldilocks: A young girl scout with a bad tendency to break, enter, and steal. 

Wonderland Residents

Queen of Hearts: The tyrant of the Hearts Castle and hot-tempered pastry lover.

The White Rabbit: A rabbit that always runs late and appears very rarely in Wonderland.

Mad Hatter: An eccentric man with a love for disorganized tea parties and absurd poetry.

Cheshire Cat: A strange, fat cat that warns Alice of her impending doom in Wonderland.

The Duchess' Cook: A violent chef who throws plates and knives without hesitation.

Bill the Lizard: A member of the Wonderland jury, and the White Rabbit's personal gardener.

Looking-Glass Land Citizens

Tweedledum & Tweedledee: Flat, funny-looking men who always claim to start a brawl. 

Red Queen and King: Living chess pieces with a bold, red color.

White Queen and King: Living chess pieces with a bold, white color.

Other High-Class Citizens

Prince Gregory: A thrill-seeking prince that provokes dangerous death-defying stunts.

Princess Becca: A masochist princess begging for a reckless lifestyle.

Eggplant King: The ruler of the Vegetable kingdom. 

The Beast: An over grown boar that lives in a Gothic castle on a beautiful hillside. 

The Beast's Parents: Wealthy boars who formerly owned the Gothic castle their son now owns.

Other Middle-Class

Dr. Jekyll: A gentleman renowned for his scientific practices and friendly nature.

Mr. Hyde: The alter-ego of Dr. Jekyll; short, crooked, and murderous.

Dr. Griffin: A disturbed resident of Far Far Away who turned himself invisible with chemicals. 

Alice: A 12-year old babysitter who tells stories about her adventures in Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land.

Wendy Darling: An 18-year old with a horrendous case of insomnia and phobia of Peter Pan.

Beauty: A young woman that was forced to live with the Beast for an extended period of time. 

Jonathan and Mina Harker: A couple getting away from trauma in London by living in Far Far Away.

Phillippe Pea: A former jester in the Vegetable Kingdom. 


Rumpelstiltskin: A con artist who uses magical contracts as a means of self-gain.

Witches: Groups of evil magicians that perform dark sorcery.

Old McDonald: A farmer who owns many animals.

Bo Peep: A shepard living with Old McDonald.

Captain Hook: A dastardly pirate with a tragic history in Neverland. 

Horror Icons

Headless Horseman: The spirit of an American soldier residing in the dark woods of Far Far Away.

Count Dracula: An overlord of vampires who tormented the country of England and resident of Transylvania.

Countess Carmilla: A vampire that only preys on female victims and regularly attends masquerade balls.

Victor Frankenstein: An ambitious scientist who fears death and attempted to create life.

The Monster: A stitched together creature meant to resemble a large human.

Quasimodo: The hunchbacked bell-ringer of Notre Dame and teen angst drummer.

Esmeralda: A 16-year old gypsy who was the subject of lust for residents of Paris.

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera: A disfigured opera singer and organ player desperate to be loved. 

Christine: An accomplished soprano that is Erik's victim of forced love. 

Novel Figures

Peter Pan: A supernatural boy stuck in purgatory. He was lured by fairies, leaving his parents lonely and depressed. 

Ichabod Crane: An American immigrant who was payed to be nice to Far Far Away locals. 

Mr. Toad: A wealthy prodigal residing in Toad Hall.

Madame Bovary: A French woman driven to despair after becoming a rich noble woman. 

Mia: An American immigrant who becomes the princess of a nearby country called Genovia.

The Baudelaire Orphans (Violet, Klaus & Sunny): A trio of orphans on the run from a man bent on inheriting their family's fortune. 

The Cthulhu: A gigantic cosmic creature summoned to attack Far Far Away.

Phileas Fogg: A traveller who went around the world in 80 days and attempted to stop Farquaad's removal act.

Captain Nemo: A mad voyager with a hatred for the British and admiration for the sea. 

Miscellaneous Fairy Tale Characters/Creatures

Zareen (The Miller's Daughter): A young woman cheated by Rumpelstiltskin to become the queen of Persia.

Hans my Hedgehog: A human-hedgehog hybrid who was abused by various workers and figures of royalty. 

Gruff Brothers: A trio who live on a trail to the farmlands near Far Far Away. 

The Dish and the Spoon: A couple on the run from the authorities.

Peter Rabbit: A mischievous rabbit who steals from vegetable gardens.

Jemima Puddle-Duck: A young mother that wants to hatch eggs without interference. 

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