So I haven't done any of these in a long while... A list of wanted criminals! This time I'm going to be naming characters that could run wild in the kingdom of Far Far Away. I honesty felt like I did what I could do for Duloc, which to be honest wouldn't have enough to sustain a larger lineup. However this kingdom has a much larger environment, which even expands to the outskirts and neighboring civilizations. Keep in mind as well this is just made for fun, and I don't endorse anybody taking this seriously and making faulty edits from my influence. Anyway, here's my list!

  • Rumpelstiltskin (for illegal dealmaking, attempts to exile the king and queen, and spinning a yarn without a license)
  • Georgie Porgie (for kissing girls and making them cry)
  • Chicken Little (for incisting civil unrest)
  • The Hare (for multiple speeding offenses)
  • The Tortoise (for holding up traffic)
  • Captain Hook (for pillaging and plundering)
  • Headless Horseman (for accounts of decapitations)
  • Evil Queen (for attempts to overrule Far Far Away)
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses (for public disturbance)
  • Goose Girl (for identity theft and insurance fraud)
  • Trolls (for holding goats hostage and scroll bullying [medieval cyberbullying])
  • The Little Match Girl (for loitering and soliciting)
  • The Sparrow (for killing Cock Robin)
  • Mother Duck (for child neglect)
  • Mother Monkey (for not meeting hospital payements)
  • Eeper Weeper (for murder of his second wife)
  • The Invisible Man/Dr. Griffin (for multiple charges of murder and resisting arrest)
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