writer's note: This depiction of King Kong is in no way related to any of the original films. As such, the main plot of the 1933 classic will be ignored (as it doesn't fit the lore of Shrek), instead going for an original take. However references and story beats will be featured. It just seemed like a fun idea to try and throw this character into the Shrek universe. Anyway, I present, "Skull Island". 

Months of sea travel had gone-- Captain Hook and his crew needed to rest during their long voyage. It was quite inconvenient, as they were far from any nearby islands to truly relax. Nothing except large oceans illuminated by both the sun and moon for countless days. At this rate, the treasure Hook was seeking didn't appear to be worthwhile. His crew was growing tired, the ship was starting to rust, and even his own motivations were starting to dwindle. All hope seemed to be lost, until the pirate steering the ship found a dark island straight ahead. He awoke everyone to see the sight, which was possibly the greatest thing they've seen on their journeys.

Known as Skull Island, it was formed with a large peak-- appearing as a spear going through a skull. Surrounding the rocks and mountains were luscious, green plants. While it was night when the pirates saw the isle, the plants were still highly noticeable. The skull itself was a beautiful sight, having a shade of orange from the lava inside seeping through the holes. If one looked closely, they could spot thin smoke escaping the island. Perhaps the most puzzling aspect were the loud roars from the wildlife. There were no sounds of birds or nocturnal mammals, but ear-piercing screeches from mysterious flying creatures called the rhamphorhynchus-- animals with pointy heads, sharp beaks, and wings attached to their arms. As the ship sailed closer, every sound grew louder, and the pirates knew they were going to have a rough stay. This was going to take insane survival, which the crew was almost unprepared for-- and as soon as they went to sleep, they couldn't be any closer to the truth.

Throughout the night, more men got missing, leaving only Hook, Smee, and only eight other pirates. Before their stay at Skull Island, there were about fifteen aboard the ship. It was an unfortunate fate for all of them, getting taken away by the prehistoric animals residing on the land. While the pirates failed to realize what killed their fellow colleagues, it was known by the natives that the deadly pterandons ate them. These natives were mysterious human figures, originating from Southeast Asia-- they found themselves trapped on Skull Island after a failed voyage back home, and had began a violent quest for survival. If something weren't done soon, Hook and his crew could be next to be the latest natives. The next morning, the pirates awoke, only to realize that a good amount of their crew had disappeared. Fearing the weakness of the crew, they set off in search of the missing pirates. 

Taking into the account the large scope, Hook told all of the pirates to split up in search of the lost members. Naturally, Mr. Smee would tag along with Hook, while the others went off on their own. During their travel, the two found themselves face to face with a brontosaurus-- one that wasn't much of a threat. Smee successfully used his trusty musket to aim for the body, leading the creature to get shot and fall down. Even though the animal failed to fight back, Hook told Smee that the survival wouldn't be easy-- it would only become harder as they progressed. True to his word, Hook wieded his longest sword, and sharpened his hook on a nearby boulder. Now fully prepared, Captain Hook would now be able to face any monster with no fear to speak of. Only Mr. Smee had anxieties when exploring Skull Island-- being intimidated by the large trees and vines, made worse with the large prehistoric dinosaurs. 

Meanwhile, various pirates found themselves getting tormented by the creautres inhabiting the island. Two of them got eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex-- one that chewed both of them at the same time. Three others fell into a deep pit, where giant spiders resided. As they ganged up on the pirates, the spiders were able to eat them with only their mouths. Only one managed to escape the pit, but he ended up getting trampeled by a stampede of triceratops. With two pirates remaining, their only means of protection was hiding inside the skull rock, which was filled with lava pits and lava falls. Despite the immense heat, it was better than being chased by carnivorous animals. Unfortunately the interior erupted, causing the entire island to shake temporarily. Both pirates lost balance and fell into the lava, thus bringing an end to Captain Hook's main crew. Thankfully Hook himself and his right-hand Smee were still alive and well-- that is until the two found the natives at the center of Skull Island.

Thinking of a plan, Hook told Smee to stay behind the trees where the natives were holding a ritual. At the moment they do a strange chant, they'll attack. After five minutes, they heard the people chant a strange language while playing drums and bongos. Among the intesifying music was a random native being tied on what appeared to be a gallows. Hook yelled "Now Smee!" and ran with him to being fighting the natives. It was two against an entire tribe, and without the crew it proved to be a rather difficult task. Luckily both Hook and Smee were able to come out on top, claiming the land to be theirs. Right before they could finish their speeches, loud footsteps drowned out their voices. Curious, Smee looked behind him, only to find the most horrifying sight he'd seen since the crocodile almost killing Hook. Scared, Smee kept tapping Hook saying "C-c-c-captain... We have a problem...". Having the captain's attention, the two looked up at a 24 ft. tall ape monster-- roaring at the sky after being "summoned" by the natives. 

His name was King Kong, the ruler of Skull Island and last of his kind. Residing on the island for over a twenty years, he became quite the tyrant after fighting back against various dinosaurs who tried to murder his family. While he did care for others, he still showed signs of monstrous behaviors, including his habit of devouring humans whole. Sadly for Smee and Hook, they saw his more sinister side-- crushing and throwing trees, as well as snapping the jaws of a tyrannosaurus. Not willing to go out with no fight, Hook attempted to use Smee's musket along with his sword. This backfired, leading to Smee being defenseless. Kong saw Smee, and picked him up with the native being sacrificed. He threw both men in his mouth, crushing their bones and flesh like candy. Furious, Hook attempted to attack the giant monster, only to lose the sword and musket. With no other option, he hijacked a nearby teratornis and flew back to his ship. 

Sailing off back to another continent, Hook was left in sorrow after witnessing the death of his dearest acquaintance. For the remainder of his journey, he had no sense of direction, choosing to let the wind take control. Eventually Hook would find an empty island where treasure was burried, but it wasn't the same without his crew. Now having enough riches, Hook decided to spend it on living in a kingdom for a short period of time. Hook ended up buying a small house in the dark forest, where he met other pirates in despair. Most of them were abandoned after Long John Silver's voyage to the fabled Treasure Island. The captain related with their struggles, and they formed a new gang that would meet up at the Poison Apple every Friday night. It was here when Hook woulf also gain attention for his soulful piano playing-- with each song played in honor of his deceased crewmates. Hook was no doubt still happy to be surrounded by new friends who'd stick by him, they would never live up to his old colleagues. 

The End

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