After long sessions of signing contracts and negotiating with neighboring continents, Lord Farquaad finally got his plans approved. Remove all supernatural/fairy tale creatures from all of Duloc and other countries. Unfortunately that only meant lower class and middle class characters could be turned in. Higher ranks such as Fairy Godmother (show name for Dama Fortuna) and Sleeping Beauty would have to be dismissed from the removal act. However, Snow White and Cinderella were both turned in without his knowledge, having been accused for crimes of loitering and princess fraud respectively. This also meant other illegal dicators and figures of royalty could be arrested. Throught the course of three days, lines began to form in various areas of land. From the farmlands near Duloc, to the creepy fields near the Crypt, or even the enchanted forest, creatures were being sold and held captive. To which land they would be dropped off in was unknown, as it varied depending on the location. 

But what was most certain, nobody was safe from the authorities. Castles were being raided, and villages had been severely damaged. For the Kingdom of Duloc, it was well worth it. Many long lines began to form in the surrounding lands. Witches and elves were ready to be sold, and other criminals and magical beings would follow suit. Starting in the farmlands, Old MacDonald was sponsoring the auctions, alongside a selection of Duloc guards. There the Dish and the Spoon were found by a little boy named Edmund of London, England; wearing a velvet coat and bouree. He was on holiday with his parents, and they found the distressed couple running away together. Having conviniently seen a wanted poster of them, Edmund offered his assistance and grabbed the two, waiting for a chance to turn them in. Once he arrived to the auction, he recieved 10 shillings, to which he gave half to his parents. Next in line was another local from London, Alice; a blonde haired twelve year old dressed in blue. She stood with a deranged man dressed in a top hat and suit with a teapot pattern. 

"I set out to find this dangerous man for the longest time. He held me captive when I was seven! And he kept me there for hours reading nonesense! Now if that isn't creepy, I don't know what is!", exclaimed Alice. The Hatter soon tried to defend himself saying it was in good fun, but it was no use. Old MacDonald favored Alice's story, and rewarded her with 20 shillings for her troubles and trauma. Once the Hatter was thrown in a caged carriage, the next person came forward. Fellow farmer Mr. McGregor, and a little rabbit in a blue coat. The lad, named Peter Rabbit, had been committing petty larceny by stealing vegetables in McGregor's garden. In one instance, he brought along his cousin Benjamin, to retrieve the clothing he once stole from Peter. Luckily for McGregor, he managed to catch him, and brought him to Old MacDonald's auction. It was a tough decision, since he wanted to turn the rabbit into a pie. However, money had to come first for his garden and wife's health. So he sold Peter to MacDonald and promised full support for the McGregors. 

For the remainder of the day, various elves, gnomes and witches were sold off, with only one notable addition; Princess Becca. A masochist found running away only to purposefully fall down a rough mountain filled with pointy rocks. She was yanked by her hair, and taken to the auction. The person who brought her in was none other than Thelonius, Farquaad's right hand. He led the raid of Prince Gregory's castle, where he let four of the men take both he prince and Phillippe Pea. When Becca ran off, he would catch her and bring her to the nearest Duloc booth, which just so happend to be Old MacDonald's area. Since she was already doing illegal stunts, Becca was ultimately taken away and Thelonius was awarded 50 shillings (since he was in close ties to Farqaaud). Dusk broke, and Old MacDonald closed up shop, getting ready to rest after a long day's work. Yet the auctions weren't done just yet, as just a few paths down, the Crypt was going to hold a separate auction near its church. 

Night had fallen, with cold breeze and thunder striking, complimenting the sounds of the bats and creepy crawlers. Inside the crpyt church, the Crypt Keeper, a pilgrim-dressed Scottish man, teamed with Duloc officials in taking in other fairy tale creatures. Due to most of the land being asleep, there were significantly less people at this time of day. Although, this meant higher ranking citizens could bring in other creatures. In front of the line, monster slayer Wilson Vaughn Hyde III brought the head of a vampire and threw it on the table. Unaware of what the requirements stated, he was not rewarded due to the subject not being alive. "Oh well" he thought, "I'll just find another monster to slay". After him, a man dressed in bright red brought someone named Iron John. His skin was made of iron, and he had extremely shaggy hair. This was an extremely grotesque figure, one that was certainly deserving of a spot outside of the kingdom. The man was rewarded 30 shillings for his contribution, and happily ran away from the creepy area. Soon enough, the keeper and soldiers would get a surprise visit from the king of Narnia. 

What first appeared to be a regular large lion, revealed himself in a heavenly glow as Alsan. Oddly though, he was carrying a little boy in black, wearing large glasses and a funny looking scarf. His forehead also had what appeared to be a birth mark; one that was shaped like a thunder bolt. Setting him down, the lion said, "This boy has been performing witchcraft near your area. I thought I'd do something about it". Low and behold, an evil wizard! This was wonderful for both the keeper and guards, this was the first time anyone found a truly powerful being. To show their generosity, they gave Aslan over 50 shillings, which would go into funds for his country's renovations. The boy was thrown into the cage with Iron John, and the next person was going to arrive. This time it was Duloc local, Andre Sullivan, with a strange man by the name of Aiken Drum, whose clothes was made out of food. What stood out the most where his roast beef coat, and hat made of cream cheese. Cream cheese straight from the moon, which was where he lived. However given his current state, only time will tell when he returns. 

Aiken Drum apparently entered Duloc without paying and properly entering. He said he didn't know he had to pay, but no one believed his excuse, and threw him in the mobile slammer. Throughout the rest of the night, more creatures were found, this time being an assortment of various werewolves and living skeletons. Although a creepy frail creature named Gollum had been found, with multiple accounts of violent invasion of privacy and stalking. Otherwise, the more simple horrific monsters were sold off. With carriages full, they could dumb them in a nearby area. The carriage rider unfortunately, was having trouble staying awake, and had accidentally let his horse loose, leaving these dangerous creatures with the opportunity to escape. Eventually, a werewolf broke the doors, leading the creatures to form a small fellowship, yearning to kill everyone who did them wrong. This thankfully didn't last long, as the Duloc guards were able to find them and put them back in the dungeons. 

Later in the morning, a new station had been formed, this time being led by the Captain of the Guards. He arguably had the busiest line, with a large assortment of dwarfs, elves, jesters, witches, and even a unicorn. Lucky for him, talking animals were found as well, including the Three Bears and Three Little Pigs. More prominent creatures included Pinocchio, Tinkerbell, and a talking donkey. However, the donkey ran off after a failed attempt to fly away with pixie dust. What eventually ensued was an encounter with an ogre. The captain and his men tried to arrest the green monster, but were too scared to even attempt to threaten him. On his way back to the open field, he recieved a magic mirror, brought in by a cloaked woman. "Take it" she said, "It will end her reign of terror". Confused, the authorities took in the mirror anyway, realizing this is what Farquaad had wanted for the longest time. 

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