Enjoying the nice breeze in the swamps, Donkey was eating waffles and drinking some fine "Johnny Appleseed" branded apple cider. Having been left to homesit Shrek's home while on his honeymoon, he seemed to have all the free time he had. Although he would often feel alone in this environment, not being with his best friend and all. In order to cope, he invited his fairy tale friends over for a small "get together". Although once he made sent out his invitations, word quickly spread across the surrounding land about Donkey's event. Gingy ended up bringing his girlfriend Suzie, Pinocchio brought his friend Snail, and the Three Pigs tagged along with everyone from Mother Goose Land. The insane crowd greatly pleased Donkey, and he turned the little hang out into a rockin' good time. 

Turning up the stereo, he blasted loud rap music to which the entire swamp was getting affected by the beats. For four straight hours, the fairy tale creatures were jamming out, playing vulgur party games like truth or dare, and making a heck load of double entendres. Even the fish and swamp rats started to join in, dancing to the music with everyone else. As the minutes began to pass, Shrek's house was becoming a big mess, with beer bottles being spilled and cheese snacks laying on the floor. Only the fireplace was left untouched, although Donkey's wife Dragon ignited the flames to create fire spirits performing tricks. To everyone's amazement, the spirits were jumping through fire rings and making illusions with even more flame creatures. 

While the party was still going strong, one of the guests, the Big Bad Wolf, found a letter saying "To: Donkey". He went into the house, tapped on Donkey's shoulder and gave him the letter. Excited, he opened the envelope with his large teeth, almost ripping the paper inside. Thankfully he didn't damage it, and was able to safely take the paper out. Soon the music grew silent, and while reading the letter, his face widened and his eyes bulged. It was a ransom that said, "I know you have my shillings Donkey. Buying all of those waffles from my shop, you think you can get away with it? No. Give me my money or else.", signed by anonymous. 

Scared for his life, Donkey screamed as loud as possible, with no response from his peers. Apparently no one got his dilemma; he could just ask for money and leave it at that. But this is Donkey, he's going to run around in fear for a few minutes. Although in a shocking turn of events, he opted everyone to leave to recollect his thoughts. Wondering about what he could do, he hatched a plan to work in various professions so he can earn some money. His first job was working as a waiter in one of the Mother Goose Land eateries. In particular, the Mr. & Mrs. Sprat's Diner was where he waited. 

While he did amuse customers, his antics of eating others' food and constant need to talk annoyed his co-workers. Eventually the customers got sick of Donkey, and he was fired after a couple of days. Out of work, the mule searched high and low for anothe opportunity. Thankfully he found an offer in the paperss; guards wanted to protect the Sweetsville Industrial Park's secret recipe. Without hesitation, Donkey ran over the where they hold job interviews, and got the job in a flash. Soon enough, he wore a strange orange uniform getting ready for work. Despite the sweet smell of candy and pastries, it was filled with intoxicated scents of machinery and oil. 

For whatever reason, this caused Donkey to become really hungry. He ended up using the recipe to fix himself a nice red velvet cake. Unaware of the kitchen he was in, he had left the area open to other pastry thieves. Foreigner, the Knave of Hearts, ended up stealing the paper along with various cakes and candy. Chomping on the cake, Donkey failed to notice the fat knave carrying a large pile of sweets. It wasn't until he returned to his spot when he realized what had happened. Once again, Donkey was fired for doing a poor job keeping track of the recipes. However unlike his last job, he never earned money due to immediately failing on the first day. 

Devastated, he tried to calm down by walking through the farmlands. To make matters worse, another letter was given to Donkey from the same anonymous person. "Ur gonna be outta luck in the next four hours."

There was no turning back; it was life or death, with Donkey being forced to find a quick way to earn a hefty amount of shillings. Hearing a strange whisper, a sly british voice went through his ears. "Donkey... I know your dilemma... And I can help you... Just listen to what I say and you'll be just fine", said the mysterious man. Reluctantly agreeing to the offer, he walked to a nearby bank and was told to wait near the entrance. Confused, Donkey sat down and gazed at the town of Renfield Valley. Suddenly he saw a floating pile of money walk out of the bank doors. Donkey screamed as loud as he could, begging for help and running away from the cash.

Luckily for Donkey, he had just exposed the long wanted Dr. Griffin; the Invisible Man. After hearing the cries, the Renfield Valley guards arrested Griffin, throwing him in their cells for accounts of robbery. Thanks to his dumb luck, Donkey was awarded over 100 shillings, since the Invisible Man was also charged for murder of Dr. Kemp and various maidens near Drury Lane. Ecstatic, Donkey searched high and low for the culprit who pestered him for the money. Strangely, there was no sign of this anonymous begger anywhere. Neither were they in Duloc Hills, or residing in lands beyond the area. Something was going on. 

Donkey eventually asked one of Duloc's locals, Geppetto, who recalled getting a similarly written letter. Although it wasn't at all like Donkey's ransom; it was a "request" to change his story. Now why would anyone want already written documents to be changed? Something wasn't right. Not only that, but the Three Little Pigs had gotten a ransom letter, demanding a house to be built on a "firm foundation" for them. The deal fell through, as the person never arrived to look at the solid house. It wasn't until Gingy brought up his own letter when Donkey was truly fed up with the person; the paper said, "Are you truly magical? Or are you made from alchemy?". 

This was the final nail in the coffin, Donkey had to find this person and set things right. In order to track them down, he gathered his fairy tale friends to form a hunting party. After several hours of searching, they found a little cottage in the middle of an enchanted forest. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, hummingbirds, and most disturbingly, a glass containing ashes. Moving closer towards the cottage, Donkey decided to bust in vigilante style, only to find a small tea party being held by the three fairy godmothers. "Oops... Sorry about that ladies. Carry on with your feast of dirt and water!"

It was a lost cause; none of the party had found any concrete directions to find this menace. But just when they were about to give up, a weird bright yellow hummingbird descended from the sky. "Oh boy! Greetings to you all! I'm so happy to see you!". Instantly Donkey's memory came back; this was the same person whom he saw at the waffle shop mentioned in his ransom. Quick on his hooves, he tackled the over grown bird and made sure he stayed on the ground. Shockingly, a piece of paper fell out of his pocket. Pinocchio picked it up, reading what it said. "Guys! It's an eviction list! But... this isn't one of the older ones from Duloc. Wait, this isn't even that. It's a wanted list!"

As he continued reading, Pinocchio discovered that the entire fairy tale friend group and other individuals were targets of a terrible scandal. Much like the Fairy Tale Removal Act, characters were being accused for crimes they hadn't done. Baffled beyond belief, the entire party demanded quesitons from the ransom hummingbird (giving him a taste of his own medicine). He told them that he was only hired by a business tycoon; one bent on trying to pursue a new movement for the fantasy realm. This movement being known as the "Happy Endings Act". Before he could finish, he disappeared without a trace, leaving everyone confused as to what this act was. 

Despite the curiosity, Wolf suggested that they go home and forget about it. Everyone agreed, and returned to the swamp, where they could finally finish their party. Much like before, the music was blasting, creatures were playing lewd games, and everyone was making double entrendres. Yet only time would tell when one of these parties would be crashed again...

The End

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