Vampire bats

Vampires in their bat form

Vampires are a supernatural species occasionally referenced in spin-off media in the Shrek series. While they are typically undead humans, they have only been seen taking the form of bats. These vampire bats have appeared in the Shrek X-Box game, where they are resting and flying around in the crypt. The hoards annoyed the keeper, and Shrek had to get rid of them; making the crypt a cleaner area. 

Vampire chick

A witch dressed as a vampire

Vampire girls

Two girls dressed like vampires

Films and Comics

The stereotypical outfits associated with vampires have also been referenced in both the movies and comics. A witch in Shrek Forever After was seen wearing a Dracula-esque cape, giving King Harold a distant kiss. At the end of one of the Shrek comics, two goth girls are seen hugging the Headless Horseman. They appear to be wearing vampire dresses, similar to that of Carmilla. 


  • It has been hinted in the Shrek 2 PC game that Shrek himself may have a hatred for vampires. 
    • The hint in question was the line "As long as they're not vampire bats" in response to the bat enemies. 
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