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Shrek is a CGI-animated franchise by DreamWorks Animation loosely based on a 1990 book about an ogre in a fairy tale land who just wants to live in his swamp undisturbed, but is dragged against his will into fighting for the fate of entire kingdoms. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the Shrek community and all editors are welcome to come and contribute. We have forums and a chat room available and we are always looking for active editors to join our community!



Welcome to the Shrek franchise. Notorious for its humor, both witty and slapstick, for turning everything we knew from fairy tales upside-down, and for a ridiculously modern feel of its medieval fantasy setting.

The first film's huge success convinced Dreamworks that 2D is dead, and scrapped their 2D films all together, "apologized" for them, and even convinced other executives in the same idea, paving the way for all films thereafter — it is unclear if 2D films will regain top priority again.


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